In the end what is the VR device

VR eye lens wear device is generally divided into two kinds, one is the desktop VR, the other is more common immersive VR.
Desktop VR is connected to the VR glasses and computers, the use of a computer screen to observe the virtual world, through a variety of input devices (including data gloves, three-dimensional space mouse, etc.) to achieve interaction with the virtual world. Desktop VR equipment, the cost is low, the participants are not completely immersed, even wearing glasses, but also by the real world of interference. As opposed to the more common immersive VR, it usually adopts the helmet mounted display, cave type stereo display and other equipment, for participants to provide total immersion experience, at present the brand are in immersive VR helmet mounted display.
In immersive VR equipment, and can be divided into three categories, a class is external head mounted device, this kind of equipment with independent screen, complex structured products, high technology content, such as HTC vive, oculus rift, Sony PSVR and; a class is integral head mounted device, the products currently less on the market; there is also a category is Taobao the Tesco buy "glasses box". The box with a separate screen must be matched with mobile phone use and box is simple in structure, low price, technical threshold is low. Google's Cardboard belongs to this category. At the same time, some of the domestic Internet brand manufacturing VR devices also belong to the last category of glasses boxes.