U.S. C130 transport plane crashed because the pilot forgot to take the glasses case

U.S. Air Force recently released a report that the U.S. military transport plane crashed in Afghanistan last year, and 14 people killed the reason is: the pilot forgot to take a spectacle case.
The plane C - C-130J transport last October 2 in the evening in the Afghan city of Jalalabad airport cargo handling, will fly to nearby in the Afghan capital Kabul at Bagram air base. After takeoff, the plane lost control, about 28 seconds after the crash, the aircraft and ground personnel were killed 14 people.
After the incident, the Taliban militants claimed they shot down the plane. However, the United States Air Force final survey found that "shot down" the value of about 50 million U. S. dollars (32337.5 yuan) aircraft and the death of 14 people is not Taliban, but a spectacle case.
Reported that, due to the implementation of the task at night, the plane's two pilots are wearing night vision goggles. In order to allow bulky goods can smoothly from the tail of an aircraft cargo door into, the pilot put the night vision goggle box placed in ahead of the driving lever to back to shore up the driving rod, the elevator of the aircraft horizontal tail lift, more space for shipment to vacate.
However, due to poor sight near the night vision goggles, the two pilots did not find and forget to take night vision goggles when taking off. After the aircraft from the ground, the angle of the elevator led to the nose up too large, so the aircraft stall. When the pilot tried to push the driver down the nose angle, the driver was stuck in the glasses case, the operation failed, the plane crashed, killing all 11 people on the plane. The crash also hit a watchtower, resulting in 3 Afghans died.
Report pointed out that the two pilots have the responsibility to remember to remove the glasses box. However, glasses box brace driving rod with fixed elevator is not standard procedure. Therefore, it is not in flight rules prohibit the practice.
Source: Xinhua