Which kind of good-looking glasses case

With good glasses, want to put it in a good glasses case. Glasses case not only play the role of glasses, anti fall, and now can also be used as a work of art on the table as a work of art. Looking at the beautiful lovely glasses, I believe you are learning or work will be a pleasure, with the constant renewal of the glasses box changes, more and more style, the following is to learn about it.
1. Lovely cartoon both frame glasses box or contact lens box, we can see in the eye box printed with a lovely cartoon image. This many glasses friends like, as a print some lovely cartoon picture, can according to their own like to pick their favorite cartoon characters.
2 fashion bags of small and exquisite design of the glasses case into a small bag, do not take glasses when, in this small bag inside, walking, shopping, how to see, can not see is the glasses box. With a hand-held or holding, the people who do not know that it is a wallet. Design different types, different colors, different background, according to the person's clothing, with the bag type glasses box, let you feeling of walking in the forefront of the team.
3. The art of flower design type small color brightly colored contact lens box, like a flower placed in the (not necessarily flowers look can look like other), at first glance, didn't it as glasses box, generally you will mistakenly think that is placed in the art. Actually it is genuine contact lens box. Such a spectacle case can be used to appreciate the box. Like a friend can be in accordance with their favorite color to match a.
4 contact lenses box see Meng Meng type of small animal, everyone will have an appreciation of the heart. Similarly, Meng Meng type design is designed to Meng Meng small animal head, coupled with a small animal that MOE's eyes, super cute, super cute. Many of my friends are the models of love. Tired, take a look at this type of Meng box, is also a good.
5 types of glasses box jewelry box the box looks quite stylish, texture is relatively light. We have seen a lot of jewelry boxes, appearance is more beautiful, at the same time, also pay attention to the color of the more festive colors. The color of the glasses case is more vivid.